Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Row by Row Week #11: Putting it all together!

Welcome back to my Cabin Row by Row Quilt Along!  Thanks for all the wonderful comments from all of the weeks!  Remember, all commenters will get their name into a drawing at the end of this QAL~ only 1 more chance to get your name in!

Boy, how these weeks have flown by!  I’ve continued to piece the blocks into rows and put them together as described in WEEK #6.  This has been quite an undertaking over these past 10 weeks!  

Some pics....

Stan thinks he's helping...hee hee hee.

And it’s going together nicely! Hoping to have it all together for next week~

Next week…wrapping it up~

Have fun~


InGa said...

Looks like a biiiig job.
Never tried to make the "quilt as you go". Looks difficult.

Sigi G said...

Wow - can't wait to see the finished quilt - all done! It has been fun seeing it being 'built' - what a beautiful gift!!

Julie said...

Absolutely love this quilt!!! I am so anxious to see it finished :)