Friday, January 17, 2014


Yes, I know I'm late with posting this one~

I lost the charger for my camera battery and was unable to take decent pics of this quilt~

My girls at Beejeebers created all the mittens for me last March {2013}
March was an awesome month!  I got to choose this block and I went to Key West for my 50th birthday~

I choose this block for several reasons~
1.  It's cute as heck
2.  It's was an easy tutorial by Lori Holt {bee in my bonnet}
3.  I live in Michigan.....the mitten state!!

It was away at my longarm quilter for a LONG time....but now it's all finished and tucked in
 with the rest of the well used, family quilts.

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Barb in Mi said...

Love your I spy mittens quilt!