Friday, June 28, 2013

Peace. Love. Quilt. {for charity}

I've started a quilting bee over at Flickr.  

So far, I'm the only member - hee hee.

I'm hoping for about 11 more members who might be interested in sewing and quilting blocks for charity.
{just trying to fulfill my need to help and give}

Here's kind of how I'm envisioning this:

One host each month chooses a block pattern, colors, themes, size, etc...

Each member (12 of us) would create a block based on the host's choices with our own quality fabrics and supplies {to save on costs} and send to the host by the end of the month.

The host will sew the blocks together and finish the quilt.  
{I'm thinking within 2-3 months}

Now, this is the fun part~the quilt or proceeds from the quilt will be donated to a charitable organization that is also chosen by the host.  

How awesome is that?

So then....

1.  Post a pic of the finished quilt in the flickr group
2.  Tell us a bit about the organization you will be donating to
3.  Pat yourself on the back for being an awesome person and doing a little bit of good in this crazy world

I know I donate time and money to several local organizations.....I'm sure there are causes that each of us support.  So whether it's donating the quilt to an auction to raise money for your local animal shelter or giving the quilt to a child fighting cancer at your local hospital, the object of this group will be to kick out a quilt for charity at the rate of one per month.  

Currently this group will be open only to US residents, as shipping internationally has been really pricey lately.  This may change as the group evolves.

I would consider this to be a year long commitment.  Of course, life gets the best of us at times and if you need to drop out for a while or permanently, I only ask that you let me know so I can find a replacement.

I'd like to get this started by August or September.

If you are interesting in joining me in this fun, charity based quilting bee, please drop me a line. 

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Anonymous said...

I would love to sign up! Count me in.