Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Dennis & I decorated a pine tree that is right outside our living room for the deer, birds and other animals instead of having an indoor tree. Dennis put some retro lights ups several weeks and and yesterday we added 80 feet of popcorn/cranberry garland that we spent the past week stringing. Dennis also made some peanut butter/birdseed pinecones to hang. Our first visiter yesterday was a huge pilated woodpecker, but I didn't have the camera ready....then, about 2am, my son saw several deer that were hitting the corn troughs while he was changing the baby's diaper!! I think we are going to see animals for quite awhile, enjoying the goodies!


Becky said...

Great card Laura, love the image of Santa.

Diane Clark-Sutton said...

Love that image. Nice layout. The snow looks great. It was 75 degrees on Southern California on Christmas which is great too.

gale said...

What a cute card. Santa does rock! lol. Love that you decorated your outside tree. I always want to do that but don't want to deal with the extension cords.