Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wow. Less than a week before Christmas! I'm not exactly sure when this year flew by me! Of course, this is a time a reflecting on the past year and somehow coming up with a plan for the new year.

For sure, I know that I won't be stamping as much as in the past. My first love has been quilting....thought I did all that I could there, but now I'm inspired by lots of new fabrics, patterns and designs. I think I may work on stuff like that and post here. My intention of this blog was for my card making, but I am going to venture out more over the coming year. Of course, I can't stay away from my stamps! LOL I'll still be posting a card or two here!

These are the jars of Special Oatmeal Cookies my husband and I put together as gifts for my co-workers. We put togethr a dozen! Amy, who sits next to me, already whipped them together for her family! They loved them, now she's beggin' for more! I'm hoping all will take the time to bake these up with their kids and/or grandkids and enjoy them! Amy says they rock! lol


Pam~ said...

What a neat idea and great gift for your friends. I'm looking forward to seeing some quilt work from you and hope you don't forget about your stamps. :)

KER said...

love those mix in a jar gifts...those do look especially yummy

Rhonda Langley said...

What a great gift! Homemade cookies are soooo yummy!

~fairygirlmichelle~ said...

They look like they are going to make a very yummy treat to enjoy.