Sunday, August 9, 2009

Curious George Birthday

It's been raining all weekend, actually thunder-storming! We've been in the house putzing around, since we can't go outside and play. My Mom is visiting from Massachusetts and we've been doing some crafting. Today I created this simple Curious George birthday card. I collect Curious George stuff! So, that includes stamps!

We've also been very busy with our new puppies! They were born on Tuesday and Wednesday~6 little labs! Unfortunately, we did lose the little one. She had a hole at the top of her mouth, so she was unable to feed. We attempted to hand feed her, but the vet said she would not make it. Dennis built a little tiny box and we buried her in the yard next to one of the dogs he had. It was a sad day, but we still have 5 fat and sassy labs to take care of (and chase around) for the next 8 weeks!

I'll keep you posted on the beautiful babies~


Jan said...

Oh what a beautiful sight! I love puppy breath! Wish I was there to hold and kiss each and everyone of them! TFS the photos of your new family and your adorable card!

Enjoy your visit with your mom!

Anjou Krelovich said...

How sweet! Love the puppy pics -- our lab is just about 6 months now, I can't image a whole litter! Sweet card too!

Jackie said...

Cute card and what adorable pups Laura...tfs!!!

Ellie said...

Your card is so cute. Love curious George. It is going to be a sad day for me when the kids stop watching it. LOL.
I also love your picture of the puppies. So sorry you lost one.

linnes said...

Sweet card, I love the colors.
The puppies look lovely!! But real sad you lost one.

Gingerbread Gal said...

The puppies are too cute. I love your card too. Very fun and cute!
:) Rachel