Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Spring

Back from vacation....back to little time lately to spend in my pink sewing room!
With Stanley....he missed me!

Just sharing a few things I'm working on.  This is the miniature quilt I've created for my partner at Flickr in the Fab Little Quilt Swap #3.  I've gone out of the box on this one....the colors and the pattern, but I think my partner will love it!  I based it on her favorites!  Only the quilting is left to do.

March Beejeebers was my month!  These are some of the mittens I created for an ISPY mitten quilt.  The mittens have been trickling in during March and April and I just about have all of them!  I'll share once I get them all.  They are all fabulous!

Lastly.....I've finally sewn my granny square quilt together....I've alway called it 'Munki in the Middle'.  It's now sandwiched and waiting for my quilting attention!  This will hang in my bedroom~

More later.....hoping Spring is finally on it's way!

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