Saturday, September 15, 2012


So I'm officially treating September as the month to finish some UFO's I have out there:  in other words, UNFINISHED OBJECTS!!  I can't help the fact that I start new projects all time, before finishing the ones I've already begun....I think this is the nature of being an least that's the excuse I'm sticking with!

So, this is the first one of the month!  I'm in this fabulous online quilt bee, Beejeebers, headed up by the ever talented Melissa Corey~  I love this group!  We have made some seriously adorable blocks this year!  

My month was July~and I chose this Scrappy Log Cabin block to do.  The blocks were 15", so this makes a nice size winter couch quilt!  I quilted each block individually on my sewing machine, then put them together.

I made a little mini label for each block, so I would be able to remember who made that block for me! down, many to go!  I hope to be posting many finished project the rest of the month or at least some NEARLY finished projects!  

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gale said...

Gorgeous!! I love your idea of putting a label on each block.